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Juicing equipment, like your coffee machine, can and should be a constant stream of profitable revenue. That is why it is vital that your staff know how to operate and maintain the equipment and you always have a reliable back-up service. The Fresh Press based its services on these principles: unlimited free staff training, loan units in case a machine needs to come in for service, spare parts that are always available and in-depth knowledge of our equipment. Now you can feel confident that your offering is consistently good, like our back-up service.

Main Services


We specialise in helping your choose the ideal combination of citrus and multifruit juicers, as well as blenders for each scenario. From deli and coffee shop, to hotel and catering, retail, and industrial factory set-up. Equipment is specified to suit each business based on volume and capacity and requirements. For any special orders or further information contact us and we will happily get back to you.


As the official and only distributor for most of our brands we carry a full range of the most common parts at the best possible prices. Once you have selected and paid for the parts we typically courier the same or following day - an accurate tracking service is provided. If you can’t find your spare parts below it is probably a less common item; please contact us directly. Many of these parts we have in stock and can be couriered on a same or next day basis.


Juicers unfortunately can break down and parts go where missing socks go. Our understanding of the various types of machines and their workings is extensive, making sure we quickly establish what’s wrong with your machine and how to fix it. We stock all spare parts in our central warehouse and typically resolve your juicing problem within 1 working day. 


Juicing equipment can sometimes be difficult to handle and we know not every one likes to read manuals. The Fresh Press provides full staff training on all our professional equipment making sure your equipment is operated in a safe, efficient and hygienic manner. We also do training for already installed machines in case your staff needs a refresher.

Contact us to set up a full personalised training programme suited to your equipment and unique business needs.

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