Zumex Versatile PRO - Podium

Zumex Versatile PRO - Podium

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The Zumex Versatile Pro Podium now also comes in black and standard with Zumex' unique "1-Step Kit" which allows you to take out the entire squeezing unit with loosening just one screw. The kit is fully dishwasher safe, making it even quicker and easier to clean your machine.

The Zumex Versatile Pro Podium is ideal for medium to high demand establishments. It has an automatic 10kg feeder at the top that will allow you to continuously juice high volumes of citrus. You choose how to operate the machine, in Self-Service mode by pressing the faucet, or in Professional mode by programming the number of pieces of fruit you wish to squeeze. It squeezes 22 oranges per minute and allows citrus fruits between 65 - 81mm cut through.


There is a Small Kit available as well to allow for smaller citrus such as lemon and limes.

The podium allows a 52 litre bucket to fill up with large quantities of orange peels. This means spending less time disposing of the citrus peels and more time to squeeze juice.

The Zumex Versatile Pro Podium is the first generation of juicers with anti-bacterial technology. Zumex ASP (Antibacterial Silver Polymer) is a silver ion-based technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria, guaranteeing extra-efficient and long-lasting protection. The Versatile Pro comes in three colours: orange, silver and graphite.

All Zumex machines come with a 2-year guarantee and The Fresh Press provides unlimited training and a comprehensive repair and spare part service.

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    Range: Zumex Versatile PRO Podium
    Dimensions (HWD): 1650mm x 470mm x 550mm
    Citrus size range: 65-81mm
    Output per minute: 22 fruits
    Use / Consumption: Medium to high; more than 50 glasses / 20 bottles a day
    Waste Peel Collection Bin: 52 litre
    Weight: 87Kg
    Power: 280 Watts
    Power Supply: 230-240 V / 50-60 Hz
    Guarantee: 5 years