Zummo Z14 Service - Single Podium

Zummo Z14 Service - Single Podium

R129 900,00Price
The Zummo Z14 Service can handle all
types and most sizes of citrus: oranges, naartjies,
grapefruit, lemons and limes due
to its interchangeable squeezing system: various
cup sizes for different sizes citrus.

The Zummo Z14 Service is the same machine as the
Zummo Z14 Basic or INOX but comes with a 6L holding
tank and single waste bin podium, for bottling purposes.

This makes it ideal for small supermarkets or high volume
restaurants and coffeeshops. The next model up is the Zummo
Service Plus which comes with a double volume trolley with 2
instead of 1 waste bin and with a 20kg instead of 9kg feeder basket.

Quality juice with 100% natural taste guaranteeing
satisfied clients and gross sales margins of in excess
of 70% per bottle sold.

On average supermarkets earn back the full cost of this
machine in just 6 months!
All Zummo machines come with the latest
generation digital programmer and counter
providing information on the working status
of the machine via a digital display panel. It only
takes 10 - 15 minutes to disassemble, clean, and
reassemble. All Zummo machines come with
a 3-year guarantee and The Fresh Press provides
unlimited training and a comprehensive repair
and spare part service.
  • Details

    Range: Zummo Z14 Service - single podium
    Dimensions (HWD): 1515mm x 610mm x 600mm
    Citrus size range: 45 - 90mm fruits
    Output per minute: 11
    Use / Consumption: medium to high / more than 50 glasses / 20 bottles per day
    Waste Peel Collection Bins: black bag size
    Weight: 93.5Kg
    Power: 220V / 60Hz
    Power Supply: 274 Watts / Single Phase
    Guarantee: 3 years