Zumex Speed S +Plus All in One

Zumex Speed S +Plus All in One

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The Zumex Speed S +Plus All in One has combined Zumex' 35+ years of juicing in supermarkets to develop the ultimate citrus juicing solution for supermarkets.


The Speed S +Plus comes with an automatic conveyor belt that excerts left over pulp and pips into the waste bins, a bottle hanger for easy filling, the 1-Step Kit that allows you to switch between juicing kits with just using 1 screw and juice a wide variety of citrus using the various size kits: limes, lemon, orange and grapefruit.


The Speed S +Plus juices 40 fruits per minute which means you can quite comfortably fill 2-3 litres per minute, depending on the size and quality of the fruit.


All Zumex equipment comes with a 5 year guarantee and includes installation and extensive (unlimited) staff training provided by The Fresh Press.