Voran Organic Shredder BG2,2 5,5kW

Voran Organic Shredder BG2,2 5,5kW

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The BG2-5,5kW organic chipper is a multipurpose grinder in stainless steel. It is suitable for grinding vegetable, white / brown bread remnants (waste bread grinder) as well as producing breadcrumbs, grinding nuts (before roasting), grating cheese and spices and crushing corn / grain. The degree of grinding is adjusted using a range of easy-to-change screens. The multipurpose grinder can thus be used for grinding a wide selection of foodstuffs and organic waste.

Processable materials
Organic waste, Grain, waste bread, Nuts, Spices, Vegetables, Blueberries, Manioc, Tomatoes.
This represents just an example, based on different materials and a selection of fruit processed in practice.
  • Details

    Technical data
    Nominal rating kg/h (wet) 4 500 kg/h
    Scope of supply Sieb 5 mm
    Height ejector in 470 mm
    Material 1.4301 / AISI 304
    Weight 71 kg
    Height 1 410 mm
    Width 730 mm
    Length 690 mm
    Electrical protection 16 A
    Connected load 400V 50Hz (dreiphasig)
    Motor rating 5,5 (7,5) kW (PS)
    Nominal rating kg/h 600 kg/h
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