Voran EBP580 - Screen Belt Press

Voran EBP580 - Screen Belt Press

Belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, automatic belt control, high pressure belt cleaner and optional brush cleaning system for the belt. The mash is applied to the belt in a uniform layer by the adjustable metering box, at the end of the pressing sequence the pomace is removed from the belt by a scraper. In combination with our WALC and WAR65 washing systems, the level of the metering box is automatically supervised and controlled.

Processable materials
Apples, Pears, Quince, Carrots, Beetroot, Manioc, Vegetables.
This represents just an example, based on different materials and a selection of fruit processed in practice.
  • Details

    Technical data
    Scope of supply High pressure cleaning, Compressor
    Height pomace ejector 745 mm
    Height waste water drain 86 mm
    Height juice outlet 305 mm
    Connection for juice outlet 1 ½ "
    Connection for waste water DN75
    Water consumption for cleaning 3 l/min
    Belt speed 2,1 - 5,5 (stufenlos) m/min
    Juice yield 75 %
    Material 1.4301 / AISI 304
    Weight 665 kg
    Conveyor height 10 - 50 (9 Stufen) mm
    Conveyor width 240 - 460 mm
    Belt width 580 mm
    Discharge height 1 290 mm
    Height 1 290 mm
    Width 1 270 mm
    Length 2 145 mm
    Electrical protection 16 A
    Connected load 400V 50Hz (3 Phase)
    Motor rating Driver Motor 0,75 (1,02) Cleaning motor 0,37 (0,5) kW (PS)
    Nominal rating kg/h up to 1 000 kg/h
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