Voran EBP350 Belt Press - COLD PRESS

Voran EBP350 Belt Press - COLD PRESS

The VORAN EBP350 processes up to 350kg of produce per hour (based on apples) with a yield varying from 40% - 80% depending on the produce.

This continuous process is ideal for medium sized cold press factories who want to upscale their production facility and who where typically using a hydraulic cold press before.

This Belt Press has been designed to also work with leafy and root vegetables. It comes with a full preparation range of equipment: miller to produce mesh, pump to pump it onto the belt press, a pulp screen and holding tank.
  • Details

    Technical data
    Height pomace ejector 775 mm
    Height waste water drain 120 mm
    Height juice outlet 485 mm
    Connection for juice outlet 1
    Connection for waste water ø 48,3 mm
    Water consumption for cleaning 2 l/min
    Contact time 1 min
    Belt speed 2 m/min
    Juice yield 70 %
    Material 1.4301 / AISI 304
    Weight 355 kg
    Conveyor height 0 - 50 (stufenlos) mm
    Conveyor width 240 mm
    Strip length 4 900 mm
    Belt width 350 mm
    Discharge height 1 350 mm
    Height 1 350 mm
    Width 970 mm
    Length 1 290 mm
    Electrical protection 16 A
    Connected load 400V 50Hz (dreiphasig)
    Motor rating Antriebsmotor 0,37 (0,5) Reinigungsmotor 0,12 (0,16) kW (PS)
    Nominal rating kg/h 300 kg/h
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