Omniblend I 1.5L narrow base

Omniblend I 1.5L narrow base

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The OmniBlend I has a turn-dial that allows for variable speed control, and the pulse function is added for a quick chop. This model combines simplicity and performance, and is well-suited for restaurant kitchens, coffee shops, and home use.

Similar to the other OmniBlend models, it has a 3HP motor with 2238W peak performance. The motor is protected from overheating with a built-in thermal shut-off. The moving parts are stainless steel, adding to its durability and performance. It is light-weight, and easy to clean. The blades are removable and replaceable.

For drinks that take a lot of ice cubes and frozen fruit (slushy, thick drinks) this 1.5ltr jug is preferred as it has a wider base. That makes this jug the preferred choice for bars & restaurants that use the blender for drinks only. This jug fits in a sound cover.  

  • Product Specs

    Includes: blender base, jug, tamper, recipe e-books
    Interface: turn-dial for variable speed control; pulse switch
    Colour Options: black, maroon or white
    Sound Enclosure: optional
    Jug Capacity: 1.5Ltr; heat resistant up to 120 Celsius
    Jug Material: Polycarbonate; light-weight and easy to clean
    Motor Power: 3HP 1200W (peak 2238W) – 220-240V – 50-60Hz
    Dimensions: 230mm x 205mm x 440mm
    Weight: 4.7kg
    RPM: 23,000 to 38,000 RPM
    Durability: stainless steel parts (socket and bearing); replaceable blade assembly; motor overload protection; alert to prevent overheating of the motor (burnout)
    Warranty: 3 years (commercial 1 year on blades)
    After-sales: local support; spare parts in stock