Blendtec XPress Blender

Blendtec XPress Blender

The Xpress is designed for low volume operations incorporating features of expensive machines. It's compact size combined with the durability and functionality of the quality polycarbonite jars make the Xpress blender fantastic value.

Blendtec was the first to offer innovations such as polycarbonate sound-proof enclosure for blenders. The enclosure surrounds the blender eliminating high speed blender sounds for a quiet and relaxing environment.

Even the entry level blender at Blendtec has a performance that is unprecedented in the blending world.

In fact, many of the blending tasks that Blendtec considers to be routine would be classified as extreme blending for other brands. Effectively blending products like frozen fruit, frozen yogurt, ice, vegetable greens, ice cream, grains etc. are fundamental expectations for the entire range of Blendtec blender models.

Key Features

Program+Plus ® - Provides 30 pre-programmed blend profiles available at the touch of a key. 100% solid state electronics.

More power - The Express Blender delivers outstanding power and outblends all other blenders for its price.

Functional design - Fits into a small space, is lightweight and portable.
  • Details

    Ideal for lower volume juice bars / cocktail bars and cafes

    * Program+Plus ® gives 30 blend profiles
    * Powerful 1500W 2 HP motor
    * Blue LCD gives count cycles and diagnostics
    * Includes 1 jar (1.5 litre capacity)
    * RPM: 20,000
    * W: 18cm
    * D: 20cm
    * H: 39cm
    * 220v
    * Weight 4kg
    * 12 month / 5000 cycle warranty
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