Angelia 5500

Angelia 5500

The high quality Korean Angel Juicer
Company has been making top-notch cold
press equipment since 1982 using their
patented multi-stage double auger juicing
system, which has proven to extract the
highest possible yield from any fruit
or vegetable when compared to other auger
driven juicing systems. They are ideal for
all fruit, vegetables and nuts.

Two main models are available for home or
light commercial use: the Angelia 5500 and
the Angelia 7500. The only difference between
the two is that the 7500 has an automatic
reverse function, which causes the machine
to reverse its augers and automatically dispose
of any excess produce it cannot efficiently
cope with.

The Angelia range has been compared and
tested against most other masticating or slow
juicers and has proven time and time again
that it extracts the highest amount of juice out
of any fruit or vegetable due to its multi-stage
twin gear augers.
  • Details


    Range: Angelia 5500
    Dimensions (HWD): 514mm x 191mm x 277mm
    Output: 7L per hour
    Diameter of feed chute: 42mm
    Weight: 12Kg
    Auger speed: 82rpm
    Length of Twin Gear: 220mm
    Power Supply: Single phase 220V / 50Hz
    Guarantee: 2 years (only for domestic use)