Angel 60K

Angel 60K

The high quality Korean Angel Juicer
Company has been making top-notch cold
press equipment since 1982 and use their
patented twin gear, multi-stage augers,
which has proven to extract the highest
possible yield from any fruit or vegetable
when compared to other auger driven juicing

The 60K Angel Juicer is perfect for
orchards, food processing factories, farming
associations and high volume juice processing

The Angel Juicer range also has a 140K
and 240K model available. Please contact
us for more information!
  • Details


    Range: Angel Juicer 60K
    Dimensions (HWD): 1100mm x 20mm x 1160mm
    Output: 60kg of carrot / 45 - 50L per hour
    Diameter of feed chute: 231mm
    Weight: 83.5 kg
    Auger speed: 85rpm
    Motor Power: 1HP
    Twin Gear Power: 20HP
    Length of Twin Gear: 500mm
    Power Supply: Single phase 220V / 50Hz
    Guarantee: 2 years