Only The Best Equipment


The Fresh Press only represents leading international brands making sure we offer our clients the most reliable juicers. Most of our suppliers have been producing juicing equipment for many decades and are all considered market leaders in their respective segment. We have direct relations with all our suppliers avoiding unnecessary mark-ups and delays.  


Sales Advice

Juicers come in many different types and sizes.
If you tell us how much and what you want to juice we tell you which equipment bests fits you’re production needs and budget. Our clients range from small independent cafe’s to large industrial juicing companies; all with different needs and requirements. We can help you to right-size your equipment making sure you don’t under or over invest.



Buy, Lease or Rent

Although juicing can be a very profitable business it does require an upfront investment
in juicing equipment. Based on our experience while working with many retailers the typical payback period is between 4 and 8 months.
If you are not able to kick-start this profitable juicing business due to lack of funds, The Fresh Press is happy to consider a lease or rent arrangement. 



Product Training


Juicing equipment can sometimes be difficult to handle and we know not every one likes to read manuals. The Fresh Press provides full staff training on all our professional equipment making sure your equipment is operated in a safe, efficient and hygienic manner. We also do training for already installed machines in case your staff needs a refresher.



Nationwide Spare Parts
& Repair Service


Juicers unfortunately can break down and parts go where missing socks go. Our understanding of the various types of machines and their workings is extensive making sure we recognize what’s wrong with your machine and how to fix it. We stock all spare parts in our central warehouse and typically resolve your spare part problem the  same or the next day. 



Trade-in and Upgrades


Already the owner of a juicing machine but is it getting too slow or lost its shine? Although a complete refurbishment of your juicer will increase the lifespan to that of a new juicer its capacity may no longer match your sales. We offer great trade-in deals on all our news juicers.



User Manuals

Forgotten how your machine actually works?
We listed up to date manuals of all the juicing equipment we sell. Any questions regarding the operation of the machine or do you need additional training, do contacts us!




The offers, deliveries and services of Raw Juice (Pty) LTD t/a The Fresh Press (herein after referred to as The Fresh Press), are effected exclusively on the basis of the conditions specified in the attached document, even if not expressly mentioned in oral discussions or on the telephone. Any deviations from these conditions must be expressly confirmed by us in writing in order to be valid.

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