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We are The Fresh Press©, South Africa’s premium supplier of professional and industrial juicing equipment. Our country is one of the largest producers of fruit and vegetables in the world offering consumers a great variety of homegrown fresh produce - ready to be juiced.

Surprisingly we still drink a lot of mass produced juices from concentrate and/or pulp. But things are changing! More and more fruit and veg juices are produced on site guaranteeing 100% freshness. 


Our mission at The Fresh Press© is to support this growing trend by making sure you work with the right juicing and blending equipment.


All of our clients listed below decided that this is the way to go; fresh juice tastes great, is healthy –no additives or preservatives- and guarantees gross profit margins of up to 85% per glass or bottle!


The Fresh Press© is South Africa’s supplier of premium commercial and industrial juicing and blending equipment. The Fresh Press© was established in 2010 and is run by Joris van Grieken en Reynold Leegerstee and an expert team of engineers and technicians to guarantee your retail or production business is always up and running.


We offer a variety of different juicing solutions sourced from well-established international manufactures. From machines that produce fresh orange juice to tots of revitalizing wheatgrass juice. Check out our range full range; we have a juicing solution fitting your requirements!


Our central office and warehouse are based in Johannesburg. In addition we have a well-established distribution and service network covering the whole of Southern Africa.

It's good to know that our entire product range comes fully locally supported manufacturer guarantees up to 5 years.


For every professional juicing machine we sell we provide comprehensive staff training and carry a full spare part and repair service.


Check our Customer Service page for more information on our services including repair service, financing, spare parts, user manual etc or start browsing our product pages. Happy juicing!

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